OK so I stumbled upon this online and man like I said it’s pretty graphic! From what I can understand the video is from somewhere in Africa and the 2 men that are on the ground beat were caught during intercourse. Because of their sexuality, the villagers sought it right to play judge jury and executioner.

First and foremost I will make it clear by saying that I am an old schooler from the music to movies to marriage. I believe that a man will get married to a woman and have children yada, yada, yada but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am against Gay rights. What happened in that video the two men DIDN’T deserve. As much as we like to think of the progress that Gay Rights have made in North America, in Africa it’s like the middle ages. What I believe Gay activists like the LGBT need to do is to shift their focus from here to abroad.

In 2009 Uganda was debating to have the death penalty for gays and that is something the LGBT should’ve fought if they haven’t had already.   Those are my thoughts on gay rights in Africa and I hope your views are the same as mine cause at the end of the day we’re all Human Beings and as the Immortal Parliament Funkadelic once said, “We’re All One Nation Under A Groove.”
This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’


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