Gotta Catch’Em All!


Pikachu, I choose you!

With the age of the gamer being more prominent in our society, I though it would be fitting for me to speak on the game that  had me addicted to it since it came out on the 8-Bit Gameboy back in 1998. Iif you haven’t already guessed by the title, that game is Pokemon.

I first played Pokemon in my 5th Grade class and was IMMEDIATELY hooked. I begged and begged my parents to death to get a Gameboy so I can buy the game or even borrow it but that never happened and a year later, my parents bought me a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Yellow but there was something about the game that hooked you in. Was it the role playing aspects of the game? Was it the 151 (at the time) different kinds of Pokemon you could catch? Was it the game’s storyline?

Whatever it was, it had me going. To this day, I own a Nintendo DS with the latest Pokemon game, Pokemon Black. I remember back when we were kids my brother and I would think life would’ve been so much easier if, instead of going to school, you would start your Pokemon journey to catch Pokemon and get badges from different city’s gym leaders. Now that we’re old enough to know the world is not exactly a cheerful place, it seem strange parents would let their 10 year olds roam from city to city by his or her self with a Pokemon as  their only means of protecting themselves.

Pokemon games


A lot of people I know that grew up with Pokemon are tired of or just outgrew it and some are even saying that the game’s structure and story hasn’t changed since 1998 but do we really need to change it? If something isn’t broke then it doesn’t need fixing right? I really hope they keep making these games because its the last ounce of childhood that I have. It also kept me going through the years and to me, its more nostalgia than a game. And if you really wanted to know, I have defeated the Elite Four and have clocked in about 285 hours with 586 out of 649 Pokemon. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’


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