The Crow Remake

Brandon Lee as Eric Draven Bust Limited to only 500 Pieces

There are a few films that I hold in high regard and one of them happens to be the 1994 Alex Proyas movie The Crow. The movie starred Brandon Lee (son of the late Bruce Lee if you didn’t know) fresh off his second film Rapid Fire playing a rock guitarist in an underground band that’s about to marry the love of his life.

A couple of days before their wedding, a gang bust through their door and and end up brutally murdering them. One year later he is resurrected in order to set things right and bring those who caused his death to justice. It’s a basic revenge plot but it has its emotional moments.

So you may or may not know, The Crow is one of many franchises that are being rebooted, like Star Trek and Nightmare on Elm Street. Set for release in 2013, not much is really known about the film at this time except that it is rumoured The Hang Over star Bradley Cooper is set to play the main character Eric Draven.

Now, I think this whole reboot is a big mistake and a big slap to the face of Brendon Lee who died playing the role of Eric. I believe he portrayed the character really well and Alex Proyas was the ideal director for the film, basically, both of which can not be replaced.

I understand wanting to bring the story to a younger generation but at the same time we all know how god awful Hollywood remakes have been up to this point. For example, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The A Team, Black Christmas, and the list goes on and on and on. This will in fact only push the younger generation away from the franchise if the film happens to turn out bad and why Eric Draven?!

This scene was featured in the movie

Hollywood could even make a new Crow film based around a new character seeing how the story’s mythology leaves a very large opportunity for that to be done. By doing so, it still would be brought to a new audience while being respectful to the deceased Brendon Lee. They could even get creative and have the story set in a different time period or giving us a different set of circumstances that leads to the inevitable death and rebirth of the main character.

The basic story is very open for exploration and I think it should be done rather than rehashing the original. Have we really gotten that uncreative Hollywood? In one of Brandon’s last interviews for the movie he said that the original concept was to shoot the whole movie in black and white, aside from when Eric reminisces about his fiancee Shelly and the good times they had together. Those sequences were to be the only scenes in bright vibrant color to offset the gritty, colourless scenes. If that’s the case, they should just release a 20th Anniversary Edition Director’s Cut Blu-Ray or DVD with that idea and just load it up with a lot of bonus features! This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’.

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