How Crazy High School Got

I cannot stress how crazy my high school was until I stumbled upon this video on Youtube. The teacher seen dancing in these videos is none other then Mr. *****. He was my computer teacher for two years where he taught us how to program Visual Basic on the computer. Now it sounds easier than it is when I say he “taught” us Visual Basic. I remember how we used to show up for this dudes class only for attendance and then after that we’d sneak out of class. After a while he became hip to the scheme so he started doing attendance at the end of the class but with every will there’s a way. We just started sneaking back into class just before it ended to catch the attendance. One time I did the right thing and actually showed up to class with my binders and everything but after getting into class I quickly regretted it. So after roll call I just put my arm with the binders behind my back and asked to go to the washroom and never came back. In case you didn’t get the feel of how crazy it gets here’s another video

Another thing we used to do, when we’re not getting ***** riled up is play Counter Strike. There was a time when he got into the game and started playing with us on his PC and he didn’t like it much when everyone would just hunt him down and kill him only to the point where they’d just wait for his character at the spawn point only to take him out again. He got really annoyed to the point where he wanted everyone to stop playing because and I quote, “If your not going to play fair your not going to play at all!” It’s stuff like this that made my high school memorable. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’


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