Bill O’Rielly

I can’t stand this dude! I just read a recent article where he was calling himself a “brother” because he knows the difference between Ice-T and Ice Cube. Apparently he was talking with another Fox News journalist Bernie Goldberg and calling him the Whitest person he knows. So to combat that Goldberg shows him a photo that he took with Ice Cube and said this is a picture of me and Ice-T which O’Reilly responded by saying that’s Ice Cube not Ice-T and that he’s a brother and he knows the difference between the Ts and the Cubes.

Ice Twitter

Ice took the words right out of my mouth!

His show is completely one sided and if you’re in his hot seat then you’re better off coming out alive sitting on an electric chair. On the plus side Ice-T responded on his Twitter account and I’ll let the photo say it all…

I hope this dude gets what’s coming to him because the more I hear about him the more he pisses me off!! Another thing that pisses me off and I’m targeting the rappers now is why they humor these Republicans like Bernie Goldberg. All they do is talk bad about their music and how they are negative to our society, completely dismissing their positive work either in music or the community. Rappers if you hate Republicans, don’t sign autographs, take photos, perform at their son’s bar mitzvahs, anything these clowns ask for. I know money makes the world go round but Republican money is worse than blood money!


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