Beat’em Up

If you’re an ’80s baby like me then you’d remember the arcades, the 16-bit era of gaming and the classic beat’em ups. Beat’em ups, to this day, is still one of my favorite of game genres and I play them whenever I get the chance. Some of my favorites that I still own are Streets of Rage (Crazy Ass Music in that game!!), TMNT: Hyper Stone Heist for the Sega Genesis and Turtles in Time for the SNES, and finally, Batman Returns for the SNES. With all that out of the way, I want to talk about the most memorable of Beat’em ups that came out back then and that’s the original Final Fight for SNES. The reason why I bring up Final Fight is because they had a character named Poison that’s a girl in the Japanese version of the game and a Transsexual in the North American games. Because of that, it left gamers wondering if Poison was actually a dude or a girl. I found this video documentary that finally brings the clarification gamers needed on Poison’s gender and it’s really interesting how in-depth it is. Enjoy!


Stop Singing & Start Swinging

Black History Month Week 5:

For the final week of Black History Month I got you with a double feature, the first is a from former U.M.C.’s member Kool Kim (now known as NYOIL) and his no holds barred, hard hitting, truth spitting single from 2007. He goes all out spitting venom and words cannot describe how hard this song is. Check it out and hopefully we see a change for the better, cause to be honest, since 2007 I’ve seen a change for the worse.

~Off the HoodTreason album~

And lastly, I’m going to end this month with one of my favorite speeches from the man that helped me become the man I am today, Malcolm X. The U.S. has  Martin Luther King Day and I mean him no offense but where’s Malcolm X Day at?!?!

Dead Prez – These Are the Times

Black History Month Week 4:

Dead Prez need no introduction to anyone who REALLY knows Hip-Hop. These brothers come hard and unapologetic on everything they’re on whether it’s on wax, paper or film. This particular video I’m showcasing for Black History Month really sends a chill up and down my spine from the lyrics to the cinematography and imagery. It’s a shame that this song never came out on CD and that rappers like Dead Prez don’t get the proper play on the radio like they deserve. Long live the RBG Movement

Blockbuster Prank

I stumbled upon this video recently and as Skip puts it, “It is really truly funny.” The thing about this video is that it’s funny how UNFUNNY the prank is and how it goes down. To me, when I found this video it was as if I unearthed a time capsule from the early ’90s, with the VHS cassette to the video rental store to the pay phones hanging on the walls because all of these things are becoming obsolete. One of the commenters put it best when he said that you have to be a ’90s kid in order to understand this video. God do I miss the ’90s…

Stupid Hoe

Nicki Minaj has been in the spot light for the wrong reasons once again. It seems that African-Americans are just about ready to ban Nicki’s music for her lyrical content and I’ll let the video speak for itself. If you are wondering what my personal opinion is on Nicki, it’s that I never did like her and felt that she just stole Lil Kim’s gimmick and just exaggerated it to the Nth degree. Back when I was growing up with Hip-Hop, rappers were lyrically chastised for biting another rapper’s persona or flow but it seems like that part of Hip-Hop has been dropped. God do I miss the ’90s…

Paris – Break The Grip of Shame

Black History Month Week 3:

If you love Hip-Hop music but haven’t heard of my man Paris then take your music library and just throw it all out because you don’t know Hip-Hop! I actually wanted to showcase Paris’ Guerrilla Funk music video for Black History Month but due to country restrictions (believe it or not) I can’t play the video on YouTube. Not to take away any merits from this song because P-Dog knows how to lyrically slaughter. By the way, if you really want to know who I think is better between Immortal Technique or Paris I would have to say Paris (not saying Immortal Technique is wack neither) because even though they both have the same lyrical content and similar music style, I feel that Paris has a more musical flow to his beats and he’s more harmonic to me.

~Off The Devil Made Me Do It album~

Digital Death

Here is an interesting video a friend of mine showed me and I found pretty interesting. Ever wondered what happens to all your social networking accounts that you made after you meet your maker? One thing’s for sure is that if I ever have kids and end up dying while they are still young, this is a great way they could get to know the kind of person that I was and they could pass judgment. What do you think?