My Grown Up Hobby

Pride & Joy

As I stated before, I collect comic book action figures as a hobby but I also have a more grown up one as well. I don’t know, call me a hoarder but I also collect music CDs from different genres such as Hip-Hop, Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, Hip-Hop and did I say Hip-Hop?!? Some of the CDs in my possession are really rare and out of print gems from the ’80s and ’90s and I’m very proud of my collection thus far.

Towers don't stand a chance

To date, I have around 404 CDs in my possession and recently bought around 8 more off that I’m still waiting on to come in the mail. I couldn’t part with any of my CDs even the ones that aren’t worth much because like any collector they are near and dear to me. A friend of mine did ask me though that if I was ever stranded and only had to chose one album that I could listen to from all of my collection what would it be? I told him without any shadow of a doubt it would be E 1999 Eternal from Bone Thugs~n~Harmony. I have been building my Bone Thugs collection since I got my first job back in High School and love most, if not, all of the albums they put out but E 1999 Eternal has the most replay value to me.

I currently have 16 of the 18 tracks on my phone (I use the MP3 player that comes with all cell phones for convenience sake) and about 91 Bone Thugs tracks all together, not counting the solo songs or Bone Thug affiliates. I know a lot of Bone fans threw in the towel, especially due to the much hyped Uni5 album, and how it didn’t live up to the hype. However, I’ve been following this group since middle school and I guess when you follow an actor or musician for so long, you get emotionally invested in them. If you ask me why Uni5 flopped the way it did, I will point out that Warner Brothers did have a hand in that because the songs that were cut off the album were bangers, but I would also put the blame on the Thugs themselves.


First Tower I Got

A “true” comeback album to me doesn’t just mean Bizzy is back in the group and Flesh coming home from 10 year stint in lock-down. To me, a true comeback means all that plus all the production handled by DJ U-Neek and Tony C (their old producers they had since back in the day). I will go more in depth with this topic one of these days because I need a new post just for Bone Thugs alone and I’m here to talk hobby.

A lot of people ask me, “Why are you buying your music? Just download them for free” and I tell them that these albums need to be heard and even though I’m not buying them from a store per sé, I’m still supporting these artists because they need us just as much as we need their music. Also, when my computer crashes or gets too infected with viruses that I need to reformat, I have all the songs on hard copy and not have to go search high and low for songs that were very hard to find.

One of the reasons why I’m collecting these albums isn’t just for the music, it’s also for when it comes to CDs becoming obsolete like 12″ Vinyl’s, the CDs will increase in value. Now imagine how much, say, Above the Law’s Uncle Sam’s Curse album originally pressed in 1994 will be worth 10 or 20 years from now with compact disks being obsolete. As I’m writing this post, it’s worth about $75 on eBay, so I’m trying to make sure my grand kids have food on their plates and can go to college. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’.



4 responses to “My Grown Up Hobby

  1. Great minds think alike. The only way I by music digitally off Itunes is when they release a posthumous album for Pac and they ripped it to shreds with shitty album production and wack ass features but have that one original song that they kept intact the way Pac intended it such as Soon As I Get Home off the Loyal to the Game album but that’s another topic for an entire post.

  2. You right another post, but you got me started on this… I stopped buying the ‘unreleased material’. How is Pac or Biggie or Big L or anyone else that is gon gonna be on the same track as Drake? I was feeling the song Thug Mansion, but wasn’t Pac beefing with Nas when he died… How does that make sense? The only post death collab that came off without a lot of extra work was “Dead Wrong” with Biggie and Em. There is some underground stuff that is killing it, but out of the major releases that is the only one I am rolling with.

    The flow isn’t right because he wasn’t going off on the track… JAZZY PHA AIN’T GIVE PAC A HOT 4 MINUTES!!! I hope they eventually just put out all the tracks of everyone, as is. If they only did one verse, put in a compilation as a look into their work in the studio. Let me hear that one verse as he recorded it. It is not about trying to get another hit, now it is about letting their fans get a better vision of who they were and the direction they wanted to take their music in. I’m done… you are right, again… another post.

    • Word, I hear you and as for releasing Pac’s stuff the way they were, DJ Assassin is releasing them. He’s already got like 4 volumes out and I recommend them to you. Check out any volume of the 2Pac album “The Way He Wanted It.”

      By the way, the most recent Chop-Job 2Pac album “Pac’s Life” didn’t even make Gold

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