Stop Singing & Start Swinging

Black History Month Week 5:

For the final week of Black History Month I got you with a double feature, the first is a from former U.M.C.’s member Kool Kim (now known as NYOIL) and his no holds barred, hard hitting, truth spitting single from 2007. He goes all out spitting venom and words cannot describe how hard this song is. Check it out and hopefully we see a change for the better, cause to be honest, since 2007 I’ve seen a change for the worse.

~Off the HoodTreason album~

And lastly, I’m going to end this month with one of my favorite speeches from the man that helped me become the man I am today, Malcolm X. The U.S. has  Martin Luther King Day and I mean him no offense but where’s Malcolm X Day at?!?!


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