Love At First Jack, TV Boxing & Baby WHAT?!?!

This story tops the Detroit man that tried to steal a Carharrt jacket from a store and his getaway vehicle was a wheel chair. After everything was said and done Romeo here was charged with assault and robbery. This dude HAD to be high cause nobody is that stupid, well the people in the videos at the bottom prove me wrong…

… Speaking of Romeo, this dude needs to smarten up before he winds up as the prison bitch. A wise man once said, “Beating up a chick doesn’t make you shit but then again some people think it makes a man,” and I’ll quote the good book by saying Do Unto Others As They Do Unto You and if you don’t know what I mean then you got nothing to worry about, the REAL motherphuckers will TCB…

…. Check out this controversial video of “Baby Dynamics Yoga.” Now this brand of Yoga is wrong on so many levels but according to Lena Fokina (the chick swinging the baby around like he was some nun chucks) Baby Yoga is very healthy for a baby and hopefully families all over the world can realize it and implement it in their daily lives. Talk about wishful thinking!!

I really hope justice gets served and anybody wanting to do some dirt watches this and learns from Jardini’s mistake but like I said nobody is that dumb. Special message go out to Lena, swinging babies around or submerging them in water is only going to catch you a murder case sooner rather than later and believe me ending a baby’s life isn’t something you would want on your resume and as for the “Romeo” packing punches, I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around. Today you doing the punching tomorrow you’re lying in a pool of blood on a hot sidewalk soaking in the sun with a crooked jaw. Believe that!


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