Low Self-Esteem or Seeking Attention?

I just stumbled upon this video of a tween asking the YouTube community if she’s ugly or pretty. This video gets me thinking what’s wrong with kids these days man and apparently she’s not the first to post a video like this. I remember growing up you had some people that called you ugly but you never took their word to heart; I mean their word was worth a bottle of piss at the end of the day. Posting videos up like this will only attract negative and unwanted attention from predators on the prowl. I really hope this chick finds out that people like to talk but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so just because they say you’re ugly doesn’t necessarily make it so. What do you think is she suffering from low self-esteem or is this her seeking attention?


One response to “Low Self-Esteem or Seeking Attention?

  1. I have spent the last few years working with kids in Chicago and low self-esteem is the biggest issue. A need to feel accepted, that is why guys are running with gangs here and girls gravitate to groups that they think like them. This is giving kids the chance to get straight to the point “Am I pretty”. It takes years to understand that looks have nothing to do with acceptance.

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