Masta Ace Incorporated – The I.N.C. Ride

This song is off one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums of all time, Sittin’ On Chrome. Not only do I own this album on CD format, I even have the limited edition Chrome colored 12″ Vinyl records limited to only 500 copies worldwide. A lot of people that know me know that I prefer the West over the East when it comes to Hip-Hop and often ask me why do I love this album so much when it was made by Ace and Ace is from NY? Well let me say that this album came out in 1995 around the whole East Coast- West Coast beef and Ace infused his NY lyrics with Digga’s LA inspired beats. Also, this video was filmed in LA and with all the sexy ass women and cars in this video it’d make you say YUM faster than you can think it! If you don’t have this album in your music library, buy it and come this summer pop that sucker into your CD player and the rest is written. Take it from Livin’ Large cause advice like this don’t come every day.

~Off the Sittin’ On Chrome album~

By the way, this album was the reason why Fat Joe and Masta Ace beefed because he felt Ace sold out with his album having a West Coast sound. Look who sold out now…


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