Minaj vs Tyler

If you’re a fan of the American Idol series, then you probably heard the news of the beef between Nicki Minaj and former Idol judge Steven Tyler. What happened was Tyler criticized ALL the current judges, not just Nicki’s, judging talents.  Her name does get thrown in when he said, and I quote, “Nicki would’ve sent Bob Dylan back to the cornfield” (if he’d been a contestant on the show).

Minaj responded last Monday via Twitter claiming allegations of racism. The Aerosmith frontman has issued an apology saying if what he said came out sounding racist, he didn’t mean it that way and denied ever being one.

With that out of the way, I got to ask, didn’t Steven Tyler collaborate with Run D.M.C. who also happen to be black and rappers? Didn’t their collaboration help break Rap music into the mainstream to the point where Walk This Way was one of the first Rap videos played in heavy rotation on MTV?? Didn’t that same collaboration help revitalize the careers of Aerosmith to the point where their album Permanent Vacation, done a year after their collaboration, went 5 times Platinum?!?! Why in the PHUCK would he choose to collaborate with black folk, let alone artists that aren’t in the rock genre, if he was in fact a racist?!?!

Tyler handled the situation well by apologizing but Nicki needs to learn how to take criticism before acting a fool. If you haven’t read my post about Nicki and how “she cares so much about African-Americans“, check it out.

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