About Livin’ Large

Kareem Hamdan

Kareem Hamdan

Livin’ Large a.k.a Kareem Hamdan is an Ottawa native in Ontario, Canada. Hailing from Nasiriyah, Iraq, Kareem’s family came to Canada in 1988 and lived in Montreal for the first 2 years before moving to Ottawa in the summer of ’90.

Kareem went to several public schools due to the family moving around Ottawa a lot but finally found a home in the South side of Ottawa. Kareem attended Brookfield High School and had a difficult time with the teachers and the school itself. Around that time, Kareem opted to ditch school and educate himself with his family history, human rights, Hip Hop culture and the music industry.

“Build the Knowledge Without College” Madlib – No Hand Outz

Kareem finally finished his secondary schooling at Adult High School and got his High School Diploma where he took a break for a year and a half to work full time doing minimum wage jobs. After a fall out at his most recent job, Kareem took this as an act of God to convince Kareem to continue his education by applying to post-secondary schooling.

Kareem applied to Algonquin College for Broadcasting Radio, where he took the qualifying test and struck out. At this point, Kareem was disappointed by the results and decided to retake the test and the second time around he made it.

Kareem is currently in his second year at the Radio Broadcasting program at Algonquin College and is really enjoying the program, from the classes to the professors. What’s in store for Kareem? Only time will tell…


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