Hentai Boost 2007 DX

This shit had me laughing for weeks! When you first start the video, it says weird video games but you know what? The minute you see the word Hentai in whatever it is your looking it, expect the unexpected. So when you hear you’re going to save the human race from an alien invasion by straight up masturbating in time to fire the orgaboost laser, it’s just another day in the office. By the way, the dude reviewing the game is Canadian. Enjoy


Subliminal Messages

When you’re having a talk with someone about subliminal messages in the media, more often than not, the name Walt Disney comes up. I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard of the Disney films having sexual related subliminal messages either in their films and/or their box art. But what about all those subliminal messages in those movies that we happened to miss because we were too busy looking for the obvious ones? Well, I managed to track down a video that shows ALL the subliminal messages that were in popular Disney flicks we watched growing up. Just remember that Livin’ Large got you with the hook-up.

Tekken Tag 2

I’m not really into fighters because, to me, the two best games back in the day were Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat and aside from all the blood and gore, Mortal Kombat was lazily put together by the creators. I mean you got pallet swaps of each character whether male (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile, Cyrax, Sector, etc.) or female (Mileena, Kitana, Jade). It’s like, if I paid full price for a game and it features 20 characters to choose from but 8 or 9 of them are the same character just different color is just insulting my intelligence. But I guess they pulled it off by giving them all their own personality, “move set” and story so you’re excused MK.


I guess if we were living in the MK Universe, putting on a different colored T-Shirt means you’re a different person

As for Street Fighter, their combos and fireballs are just too tedious to memorize and/or pull off. Back in the day when Street Fighter was king, nine times out of ten you’re left getting your ass kicked by a Street Fighter veteran while you’re trying to punch in the right button combinations in order to pull off a fireball, which, in my opinion, leaves the game broken. Nowadays Street Fighter actually has an in game move set and a training tutorial in order to not leave you fending for yourself by spamming the low punch button. So much love to Capcom for that and for keeping the game alive with the original Street Fighter characters that I grew up with.

Move Set

Back in the ’90s it was trail and error and nowadays you can get every characters move set with a push of a button

Tekken Tag

Truly a King of Fighters

It wasn’t until Namco’s Tekken games, specifically Tekken 3 that got me hooked to this fighting series. The game play was really easy to get into whether you were a novice or a Tekken Lord because all four buttons control a different limb on the characters body and combos were a lot easier to pull off/remember compared to MK or Street Fighter (at least in my opinion). When Namco released Tekken Tag, I regarded it as the ultimate party game much like Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. I can’t tell you how much fun my friends and I had when we booted this game up. I was waiting on a sequel for the Tag series ever since and the good news is we’re FINALLY going to get one this September. Snoopy Snoop Dogg from Long Beach will be making an appearance in Tekken Tag 2 so jump for joy or wince in pain on that fact.

Buraaq: The New Muslim Superhero

Muslim Hero

Yusuf Abdallah is Buraaq

Comics have gotten a facelift as of recent to adjust with the times and one of the most notable changes was having Samuel L. Jackson’s likeness used as Nick Fury in the Ultimate universe. I was surprised when Hollywood chose to go with the black Nick Fury whose first appearance was in 2001 over the white Nick Fury that was introduced way back in the ’60s. So with comic book characters now coming in a variety of races such as Black, Native American, Asian and Latino, I’m left scratching my head wondering where the Arabs at?!?

Well if you haven’t been fortunate enough to see the advertisements online, you need not worry because I would like to introduce to you Buraaq dubbed as the New Muslim Superhero. You might see the name Buraaq and automatically think that this comic has something to do with US President Barack Obama but it’s just a name similarity. According to the creators Adil and Kamil Imtiaz, the name is inspired by Islamic History when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was carried on a white winged horse, which was named Buraaq, on a miraculous journey to Heaven from Jerusalem. Adil and Kamil Imtiaz created Buraaq in order to better the relations between the West and the Muslim world.

To be honest with you, when 9/11 happened and Muslims, guilty or innocent, were targeted for crimes, Muslims also turned their anger and frustration to Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda just as much as everybody else. Mainly because Bin Laden just ruined everything for honest hard working Muslims that were already living in North America. Some Rednecks that didn’t know any better even went out as far as to shoot some “rag heads” and ended up taking the lives of Sikh Indians that had nothing to do with anything.

I say it’s time for Buraaq to storm the scene and clean up the image of Islam and Arabs and hopefully the big name comic book houses like DC and Marvel come up with their own hero, and I don’t mean some throwaway hero, I mean a real hero that can stand on his own two without the help of any other hero. I won’t spoil the story but I will tell you that the first two issues you could read for free on their website and you could buy issue 3 for $1.99. As stated above, DC has already introduced the fictional city of Bialia, which is clearly inspired by the Middle East, so why don’t they create a superhero that upholds justice, truth, and the Islamic way over there? Seems like a missed opportunity to me but at least Marvel is one step closer with the introduction of Josiah X the BLACK Captain America!

In my opinion though I think if Adil and Kamil want to make Buraaq mainstream, they should make a deal with Image Comics and have them handle their distribution. I say this because they will still retain their ownership of any characters they create and they just have to maintain a steady release schedule but they might still make Buraaq well known on their own, who knows? Make sure you check them out and hopefully you’ll add Buraaq to your favorite superhero list. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’

Fresh Prince of Summer Blockbusters

With Men in Black III coming out just around the corner, fans expectations for the movie are pretty high because let’s face it MiBII was a flop. But in other news, it turns out the Fresh Prince still got some West Philadelphia in him and if you listen closely Will says he’s lucky he didn’t sucker punch him. In your opinion, do you think Will Smith had the right to do what he did because he was being sexually assaulted or do you think he took it a little too far and came out looking homophobic?

Guess Who’s Back?

Ladies and Gentleman I am officially back in full effect and the timing couldn’t have been better. There are a couple of things I have planned and would like your guidance to help get my ideas into motion. With that being said I’m thinking of doing a weekly podcast (I won’t give away too much of the details but I will say you’ll be hearing a lot of Urban tunes) but the problem is I would like your recommendations or instructions on how to get iTunes as the podcast provider and whatnot.

If anybody can help me with that, I’d be most grateful. I would like to try something new, like posting up Vlogs, but all that will happen in due time. Thank you to everybody that kept checking back on this blog site.

Low Self-Esteem or Seeking Attention?

I just stumbled upon this video of a tween asking the YouTube community if she’s ugly or pretty. This video gets me thinking what’s wrong with kids these days man and apparently she’s not the first to post a video like this. I remember growing up you had some people that called you ugly but you never took their word to heart; I mean their word was worth a bottle of piss at the end of the day. Posting videos up like this will only attract negative and unwanted attention from predators on the prowl. I really hope this chick finds out that people like to talk but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so just because they say you’re ugly doesn’t necessarily make it so. What do you think is she suffering from low self-esteem or is this her seeking attention?