Bring Young Justice Back!!

Cartoon Network cancels Young Justice because of toy sales?!?! Imagine that…
I know that the Green Lantern: Animated Series was also cancelled but I never watched a single episode but from what I heard, it’s pretty good. Even though Bruce Timm did the art for that show, I just couldn’t get passed the fact that it’s CGI.  If you have any love for this series like I do or even the Green Lantern series, please sign the petition and help bring these shows back.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. will be meeting on April 11th to discuss the possibility of bringing the shows back but fan funded.


Minaj vs Tyler

If you’re a fan of the American Idol series, then you probably heard the news of the beef between Nicki Minaj and former Idol judge Steven Tyler. What happened was Tyler criticized ALL the current judges, not just Nicki’s, judging talents.  Her name does get thrown in when he said, and I quote, “Nicki would’ve sent Bob Dylan back to the cornfield” (if he’d been a contestant on the show).

Minaj responded last Monday via Twitter claiming allegations of racism. The Aerosmith frontman has issued an apology saying if what he said came out sounding racist, he didn’t mean it that way and denied ever being one.

With that out of the way, I got to ask, didn’t Steven Tyler collaborate with Run D.M.C. who also happen to be black and rappers? Didn’t their collaboration help break Rap music into the mainstream to the point where Walk This Way was one of the first Rap videos played in heavy rotation on MTV?? Didn’t that same collaboration help revitalize the careers of Aerosmith to the point where their album Permanent Vacation, done a year after their collaboration, went 5 times Platinum?!?! Why in the PHUCK would he choose to collaborate with black folk, let alone artists that aren’t in the rock genre, if he was in fact a racist?!?!

Tyler handled the situation well by apologizing but Nicki needs to learn how to take criticism before acting a fool. If you haven’t read my post about Nicki and how “she cares so much about African-Americans“, check it out.

Here’s what they think about you

Lil B? Lil Bitch?!?

I know this video is kind of old but I just found out about it recently and I’m amazed I never saw it sooner. You may need to plug in your headphones because the audio is kind of low… even though this is the best audio quality vid I could find on YouTube. I never was a fan of this clown and I actually find his flow to be VERY annoying. However, DMX called it out way before any of us when he was asked about Lil B and his album I’m Gay and X responded by saying, “Lil B? Lil Bitch?!?”. These wack ass rappers coming out with no talent and relying solely on shock value can eat a dick up. ‘Nuff said.

Now the dude that gave B that six hit combo and the super punch that sent him sitting back on his ass is named Lil Nico and I guess if you haven’t seen the video before then you’re probably wondering just what exactly happened that caused this interview to go all Punch Out. Well Livin’ Large is giving you all the hook up so you don’t have to go digging around, just don’t say I never did nothing for you. A lot of people are calling Nico a bitch for that hit and run but if you ask me Lil B’s crew were hoes for not stopping Nico’s fists of fury and on top of all that, they just let him waltz on out with no repercussions. Now who’s a bitch? By the way you may be wondering why I put this in my pissed off section even though I hate Lil B and he gets punched, the reason for that is I’m pissed off that nobody did this sooner!

Love At First Jack, TV Boxing & Baby WHAT?!?!

This story tops the Detroit man that tried to steal a Carharrt jacket from a store and his getaway vehicle was a wheel chair. After everything was said and done Romeo here was charged with assault and robbery. This dude HAD to be high cause nobody is that stupid, well the people in the videos at the bottom prove me wrong…

… Speaking of Romeo, this dude needs to smarten up before he winds up as the prison bitch. A wise man once said, “Beating up a chick doesn’t make you shit but then again some people think it makes a man,” and I’ll quote the good book by saying Do Unto Others As They Do Unto You and if you don’t know what I mean then you got nothing to worry about, the REAL motherphuckers will TCB…

…. Check out this controversial video of “Baby Dynamics Yoga.” Now this brand of Yoga is wrong on so many levels but according to Lena Fokina (the chick swinging the baby around like he was some nun chucks) Baby Yoga is very healthy for a baby and hopefully families all over the world can realize it and implement it in their daily lives. Talk about wishful thinking!!

I really hope justice gets served and anybody wanting to do some dirt watches this and learns from Jardini’s mistake but like I said nobody is that dumb. Special message go out to Lena, swinging babies around or submerging them in water is only going to catch you a murder case sooner rather than later and believe me ending a baby’s life isn’t something you would want on your resume and as for the “Romeo” packing punches, I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around. Today you doing the punching tomorrow you’re lying in a pool of blood on a hot sidewalk soaking in the sun with a crooked jaw. Believe that!

Stupid Hoe

Nicki Minaj has been in the spot light for the wrong reasons once again. It seems that African-Americans are just about ready to ban Nicki’s music for her lyrical content and I’ll let the video speak for itself. If you are wondering what my personal opinion is on Nicki, it’s that I never did like her and felt that she just stole Lil Kim’s gimmick and just exaggerated it to the Nth degree. Back when I was growing up with Hip-Hop, rappers were lyrically chastised for biting another rapper’s persona or flow but it seems like that part of Hip-Hop has been dropped. God do I miss the ’90s…

Bill O’Rielly

I can’t stand this dude! I just read a recent article where he was calling himself a “brother” because he knows the difference between Ice-T and Ice Cube. Apparently he was talking with another Fox News journalist Bernie Goldberg and calling him the Whitest person he knows. So to combat that Goldberg shows him a photo that he took with Ice Cube and said this is a picture of me and Ice-T which O’Reilly responded by saying that’s Ice Cube not Ice-T and that he’s a brother and he knows the difference between the Ts and the Cubes.

Ice Twitter

Ice took the words right out of my mouth!

His show is completely one sided and if you’re in his hot seat then you’re better off coming out alive sitting on an electric chair. On the plus side Ice-T responded on his Twitter account and I’ll let the photo say it all…

I hope this dude gets what’s coming to him because the more I hear about him the more he pisses me off!! Another thing that pisses me off and I’m targeting the rappers now is why they humor these Republicans like Bernie Goldberg. All they do is talk bad about their music and how they are negative to our society, completely dismissing their positive work either in music or the community. Rappers if you hate Republicans, don’t sign autographs, take photos, perform at their son’s bar mitzvahs, anything these clowns ask for. I know money makes the world go round but Republican money is worse than blood money!

Soul Sessions

I was hoping I could post the Soul Session shows in their audio format but it seems that I have to upgrade my space and that costs money that I don’t really have right now. As wack as it is, I will try to get that space upgraded so I can post them up because its my favorite show that I’m a part of this year. In the meantime, you can always tune in every Mondays at 10 pm on CKDJ 107.9 FM or just stream it live on This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’