Ramathaan Kareem



Things Aren’t Working Out in 2012

Welcome to 2012 and guess what? WE”RE STILL ALIVE!! Now don’t get me wrong I never was one in believing in doomsday theories but there have been many (Y2K, The coming of the Anti-Christ June 6th 2006, More Anti-Christ September 9th 2009 and now the Mayan Calendar). I always had an attitude like if it happens then it happens but I’m not going to live my life saying this year is my last. I’ll leave it to the All Mighty and count my blessings.

With that out of the way, I haven’t put up a post since December or even longer and for that I do apologize but the reason for that is the computer I usually use and are comfortable with isn’t charging when I plug it in the wall jack. I have another laptop but it’s not the same. I’ve bought a new charger and just waiting on it to come in the mail so the posts will be more frequent.

That’s basically what’s been going on and hope that everything starts working out for me when it comes to blogging when I get that charger. Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful new year (better late than never).