Point Blank – Born And Raised In The Ghetto

Canada Day Countdown – Week 2:

I remember when this song came out; it was being hyped in music stores and everything. I actually found out that their debut album was being released because of this song and I was really hoping for their older material to be on it. Not saying their newer material doesn’t compare, but like I said before, it deserves to be on wax.

~Off the Point Blank album~


Point Blank – Life 2002/Thin Line

Canada Day Countdown – Week 3:

As far as I know, these songs haven’t been released on a cd yet and, to be honest with you, I have no idea why. It was these two songs that drew my attention to this group in the first place and they need a spot to share in Hip-Hop history, let alone, a Canadian Hip-Hop buzz. I do apologize for the audio quality and I will say you have to listen to these songs in audio because this quality doesn’t do it any justice.  Listening to the audio version will also give you the full version of each track as opposed to the blend they have here.


Point Blank

Point Blank

Seeing how Canada Day is more or less three weeks away, I thought it would be right to countdown the weeks by showcasing some of Canada’s talents in the Hip-Hop Gold section. Canada has a strong Hip-Hop community going as far back as the ’80s (if I’m not mistaken) and, even though a few became household names, I still find that Canadian rappers don’t get the recognition that they deserve. With that being said, I would like to stick to a Hip-Hop group that’s underrated and, in my opinion, under-appreciated even here in Canada because of their lifestyle.  I bring to you Canada’s N.W.A., Point Blank holding it down for North America’s first housing project, Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario. If I had to describe their style, I’d say N.W.A. with their Gangsta Gangsta mentality meets Public Enemy with their conscious lyrics. Enjoy!

Comic-Con 2012

When I wasn’t watching women being dismembered over the weekend, I went to the first ever Comic-Con held in my city. I had a chance to talk to some cool people and  special thanks to Talar Adam for hooking me up with the interviews. Having the convention in my city was more of an experimental thing to see exactly how the turnout was and if there was a market for it. Apparently they only expected 5,000 people to show up on Saturday but the turnout was so huge, 20,000 people showed up for the weekend in total!


Nick Fury

Best news I heard all weekend was that they are going to make it an annual event and I’m honestly hoping that I can go every year and get to do what I do best. I didn’t go in full on costume because I like to wear the clothes I have in my wardrobe in the same style as the comic hero or villain. I’m not going to say who I’m dressed up as but if you think you have an idea post it in the comments section. Special shout out go to the beautiful Kurleen Dorsainville for her excellent camera work and great advice.

Ghost Busters

We Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts!

I wanted to get an interview with Lou Ferrigno and even my Incredible Hulk poster autographed but sadly something came up on Saturday. It’s a damn shame too because anybody that knows me knows that the Incredible Hulk is my all-time favorite Superhero growing up, but it is what it is (Another missed opportunity was trying to get a photo taken with Elvira). I’m hoping that now that they know there is a market for it, they bring more celebrities and artists and hopefully next year I’ll get a chance to get with Lou and Elvira.


Incredible Hulk

The interviews I managed to get have been video recorded and the camcorder I was working with takes mini-dv tapes and the cable to transfer the tape onto the pc is lost. I bought one online so when it comes in I’ll put it up on my laptop and edit the video and it’ll be up here for your viewing pleasure. If you didn’t get a chance to go to the Con, there’s always next year but I not going to lie, you missed out. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’

Star Wars

If you were wondering I prefer Star Wars over Star Trek

Introducing Apollo the Child

Now if you know me you know that I’m very passionate about music and that I’m currently taking radio broadcasting, however, talent seems to run in my family.  Apollo the Child a.k.a. Khaleefa Hamdan is a poet and rapper performing at Slams and local schools.

Apollo just recently signed a deal with McGraw- Hill in order to use his poetry to teach students taking English in High schools. He also has a blog website where he posts his poems and you could check them out at http://www.apollothechild.blogspot.com

As stated above, Apollo is a rapper doing his Hip- Hop thing with a high school friend Curtis Nyarko a.k.a. Masai. Together they formed the duo Poetic Elements Represented Always (Or Poetic E.R.A. for short) and have been recording together ever since.

Right now Apollo is working on a solo mixtape called The Love Veteran And the Musical Style Gunnin’ (or LVAMSG for short) with Masai handling over 80% of the production. Above is one of few leaks off the upcoming project. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’