With school coming to an end I been busy trying to put it to bed. I do apologize if it seem like I got lazy but trust me give me two weeks and I’ll be posting what’s in my mind like a certified blogger.
P.S. Happy Easter and Passover to all



Sorry for the lack of posts I have just been busy with school and last week was the last week of school for me. I just have a couple of things I have to hand in and I am officially off. Just thought I owed an explanation but as an apology for my absence I bring to you a scene from David Cronenbergs’ Scanners. If you’ve seen this movie then you know where this is going if not, then enjoy!
This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’

Soul Sessions

I was hoping I could post the Soul Session shows in their audio format but it seems that I have to upgrade my space and that costs money that I don’t really have right now. As wack as it is, I will try to get that space upgraded so I can post them up because its my favorite show that I’m a part of this year. In the meantime, you can always tune in every Mondays at 10 pm on CKDJ 107.9 FM or just stream it live on http://www.ckdj.net. This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’