DMX Spitting Some Truth

I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this sooner! OK so I’m sure all of you have heard that Drake is producing a new Aaliyah album and people are divided as to whether he should or shouldn’t. In Drake’s defense, he’s a big fan of hers and he was in love with her to the point where he wrote a letter to her NINE YEARS AFTER SHE DIED. Creepy??

So when Missy Elliot and Timbaland heard about Drake’s plans they said that it wouldn’t be considered an Aaliyah album unless they’re involved since, you know, they were friends and all. Now I don’t know about you but that sounds logical to me but according to Missy and Timbaland Drake hasn’t contacted them yet…

…And now the dog himself DMX is putting in his 2 cents about this and to be honest with you, he is saying everything that I had in my mind when I first heard of the news about this “album”. I love Ice-T and all but I’m going to have to disagree with him when he said 50 Cent was the last Gangsta Rapper because, to me, 50 Cent’s name is how much he’s worth when compared to DMX. If only people spoke up when Eminem was producing Pac’s album!


Lil B? Lil Bitch?!?

I know this video is kind of old but I just found out about it recently and I’m amazed I never saw it sooner. You may need to plug in your headphones because the audio is kind of low… even though this is the best audio quality vid I could find on YouTube. I never was a fan of this clown and I actually find his flow to be VERY annoying. However, DMX called it out way before any of us when he was asked about Lil B and his album I’m Gay and X responded by saying, “Lil B? Lil Bitch?!?”. These wack ass rappers coming out with no talent and relying solely on shock value can eat a dick up. ‘Nuff said.

Now the dude that gave B that six hit combo and the super punch that sent him sitting back on his ass is named Lil Nico and I guess if you haven’t seen the video before then you’re probably wondering just what exactly happened that caused this interview to go all Punch Out. Well Livin’ Large is giving you all the hook up so you don’t have to go digging around, just don’t say I never did nothing for you. A lot of people are calling Nico a bitch for that hit and run but if you ask me Lil B’s crew were hoes for not stopping Nico’s fists of fury and on top of all that, they just let him waltz on out with no repercussions. Now who’s a bitch? By the way you may be wondering why I put this in my pissed off section even though I hate Lil B and he gets punched, the reason for that is I’m pissed off that nobody did this sooner!