Point Blank – T.O. 2 O.T.

Canada Day Countdown – Week 1:

This music video was in demand on Much Music back when it first came out in 2008. I apologize for the sound quality but you really need to hear it in better audio because this doesn’t do it any justice. Canada Day Countdown taking it from T.O. 2 O.T. baby!

~Off the Point Blank album~


Point Blank

Point Blank

Seeing how Canada Day is more or less three weeks away, I thought it would be right to countdown the weeks by showcasing some of Canada’s talents in the Hip-Hop Gold section. Canada has a strong Hip-Hop community going as far back as the ’80s (if I’m not mistaken) and, even though a few became household names, I still find that Canadian rappers don’t get the recognition that they deserve. With that being said, I would like to stick to a Hip-Hop group that’s underrated and, in my opinion, under-appreciated even here in Canada because of their lifestyle.  I bring to you Canada’s N.W.A., Point Blank holding it down for North America’s first housing project, Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario. If I had to describe their style, I’d say N.W.A. with their Gangsta Gangsta mentality meets Public Enemy with their conscious lyrics. Enjoy!

Kam – Peace Treaty

A lot of people actually believe that the Bloods and Crips never will come together and stop the gang madness but what those people don’t know is that the Bloods and Crips actually signed a Peace Treaty and had peace between the sets from 1992 to 1997 I believe. Personally, I would like to remain optimistic cause if it happen before how come it can’t happen again and don’t categories myself with either the Bloods nor the Crips but I do got respect for both sides and I show it by dressing in both colors. I know who the real enemy is and its neither Blood nor Crip.

~Off the Neva Again album~


The Villain RenIncarnated

Going through Hip Hop music is like walking into a jungle with thick trees and bushes, you have to have a machete handy to cut some of that shit down. With that being said, I refuse to accept the bare minimum of what record label execs, music channels and hell even radio stations deem “good” Hip Hop music.

2 Important CDs In Hip Hop

To me, I just feel that even when they have lyrics that make sense, the songs still lack substance. If you remember back in the late ’80s, you had a group that was coming at you Straight Outta Compton with lyrical content full of substance. The police tried stopping their live performances and even the FBI sent them a letter regarding a certain song (I don’t have to say which; we all know what it’s called). One of the members is often overlooked by Hip Hop and NWA fans alike and that member is none other than The Villain in Black, MC Ren.

MC Ren proved that he can hold his own lyrically with his NWA members and even after Cube left the group, Ren started writing the lyrics for NWA. Ren released 5 solo albums to date (one of which is the topic of this post) and my favorites have to be Shock of the Hour and The Villain in Black. These days, if a rapper like MC Ren releases a new album, it’ll definitely be overshadowed by the trees in the Hip Hop jungle. So much so, that his latest release was in 2009 and I just found out about it a year after it was released.

So the good news is that his long awaited RenIncarnated album is finally released but the bad news is that it’s an ITunes digital album. You can’t buy a hard copy pissing off Hip Hop collectors such as yours truly. All in all though, if you’re a fan of MC Ren, NWA or heard of the name but didn’t check out their music, I highly recommend this album available only on ITunes for just $5.99. And lyrically, I promise you won’t be disappointed. This just proves though that Real zaggiN Don’t Die…
… They just sell their music on ITunes.

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