Paris – Break The Grip of Shame

Black History Month Week 3:

If you love Hip-Hop music but haven’t heard of my man Paris then take your music library and just throw it all out because you don’t know Hip-Hop! I actually wanted to showcase Paris’ Guerrilla Funk music video for Black History Month but due to country restrictions (believe it or not) I can’t play the video on YouTube. Not to take away any merits from this song because P-Dog knows how to lyrically slaughter. By the way, if you really want to know who I think is better between Immortal Technique or Paris I would have to say Paris (not saying Immortal Technique is wack neither) because even though they both have the same lyrical content and similar music style, I feel that Paris has a more musical flow to his beats and he’s more harmonic to me.

~Off The Devil Made Me Do It album~


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