Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, Ice-T, Chuck D, Smooth B, RZA, Killah Preist, Shorty, DA Smart, Kam – Where Ya At?

Since February is Black History Month, for the next three and a half weeks I’ll be posting uplifting militant Million Man March type Hip- Hop music. So without further ado, we have the best from the East and West coming together in a time when they were at war. Enjoy!

~Off the One Million Strong album~


Kam – Peace Treaty

A lot of people actually believe that the Bloods and Crips never will come together and stop the gang madness but what those people don’t know is that the Bloods and Crips actually signed a Peace Treaty and had peace between the sets from 1992 to 1997 I believe. Personally, I would like to remain optimistic cause if it happen before how come it can’t happen again and don’t categories myself with either the Bloods nor the Crips but I do got respect for both sides and I show it by dressing in both colors. I know who the real enemy is and its neither Blood nor Crip.

~Off the Neva Again album~