Point Blank

Point Blank

Seeing how Canada Day is more or less three weeks away, I thought it would be right to countdown the weeks by showcasing some of Canada’s talents in the Hip-Hop Gold section. Canada has a strong Hip-Hop community going as far back as the ’80s (if I’m not mistaken) and, even though a few became household names, I still find that Canadian rappers don’t get the recognition that they deserve. With that being said, I would like to stick to a Hip-Hop group that’s underrated and, in my opinion, under-appreciated even here in Canada because of their lifestyle.  I bring to you Canada’s N.W.A., Point Blank holding it down for North America’s first housing project, Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario. If I had to describe their style, I’d say N.W.A. with their Gangsta Gangsta mentality meets Public Enemy with their conscious lyrics. Enjoy!


Ice Cube, Mobb Deep, Ice-T, Chuck D, Smooth B, RZA, Killah Preist, Shorty, DA Smart, Kam – Where Ya At?

Since February is Black History Month, for the next three and a half weeks I’ll be posting uplifting militant Million Man March type Hip- Hop music. So without further ado, we have the best from the East and West coming together in a time when they were at war. Enjoy!

~Off the One Million Strong album~