Fresh Prince of Summer Blockbusters

With Men in Black III coming out just around the corner, fans expectations for the movie are pretty high because let’s face it MiBII was a flop. But in other news, it turns out the Fresh Prince still got some West Philadelphia in him and if you listen closely Will says he’s lucky he didn’t sucker punch him. In your opinion, do you think Will Smith had the right to do what he did because he was being sexually assaulted or do you think he took it a little too far and came out looking homophobic?


Guess Who’s Back?

Ladies and Gentleman I am officially back in full effect and the timing couldn’t have been better. There are a couple of things I have planned and would like your guidance to help get my ideas into motion. With that being said I’m thinking of doing a weekly podcast (I won’t give away too much of the details but I will say you’ll be hearing a lot of Urban tunes) but the problem is I would like your recommendations or instructions on how to get iTunes as the podcast provider and whatnot.

If anybody can help me with that, I’d be most grateful. I would like to try something new, like posting up Vlogs, but all that will happen in due time. Thank you to everybody that kept checking back on this blog site.