2Pac’s Thug Life Almost Ruthless Family

Thug Life’s Mopreme Shakur talks about how Eazy E almost signed Thug Life to Ruthless Records. Imagine that?!? If you ask me man I’d say Eazy should’ve signed them instead of the Atban Klann. Who is the Atban Klann you ask? Well you might know them under their more popular name The Black Eyed Peas. What a waste…


Pac Hood Tour

The late great 2Pac Shakur is seen here in the video giving us a tour in his neighborhood showing us where he went to school and where he kicked it when he skipped class. Sometimes I wish Pac was still alive because, if he was, I feel the rap game wouldn’t be so gimmicky like it is today but wishing is for suckas. By the way, the person that posted this up on YouTube titled it Bone Thugs diss and personally I don’t see this as a shot at Bone. My reason for saying no is because he collaborated with them on their Art of War album and artists don’t generally collaborate with other artists unless they like those artists themselves. Do you think it was a shot at Bone? Cast your votes at the bottom and if you vote yes please comment your reason why you feel it was. Enjoy!