Low Self-Esteem or Seeking Attention?

I just stumbled upon this video of a tween asking the YouTube community if she’s ugly or pretty. This video gets me thinking what’s wrong with kids these days man and apparently she’s not the first to post a video like this. I remember growing up you had some people that called you ugly but you never took their word to heart; I mean their word was worth a bottle of piss at the end of the day. Posting videos up like this will only attract negative and unwanted attention from predators on the prowl. I really hope this chick finds out that people like to talk but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so just because they say you’re ugly doesn’t necessarily make it so. What do you think is she suffering from low self-esteem or is this her seeking attention?


Blockbuster Prank

I stumbled upon this video recently and as Skip puts it, “It is really truly funny.” The thing about this video is that it’s funny how UNFUNNY the prank is and how it goes down. To me, when I found this video it was as if I unearthed a time capsule from the early ’90s, with the VHS cassette to the video rental store to the pay phones hanging on the walls because all of these things are becoming obsolete. One of the commenters put it best when he said that you have to be a ’90s kid in order to understand this video. God do I miss the ’90s…

Digital Death

Here is an interesting video a friend of mine showed me and I found pretty interesting. Ever wondered what happens to all your social networking accounts that you made after you meet your maker? One thing’s for sure is that if I ever have kids and end up dying while they are still young, this is a great way they could get to know the kind of person that I was and they could pass judgment. What do you think?

American Censorship Day: Nov 16th 2011

It seems that the United States is trying to pass a bill to censor internet videos from people living in the States. Now you’re probably wondering what this has got to do with me since I’m from Canada right? Well most of the videos I watch are from internet critics and movie reviewers that are living in the States, so if they get censored, they might get shut down and if they get shut down then no more videos.

What this means is that the government can order providers to block your website from being viewed by the public, this is even if you’re just an ordinary user! You could go to jail for a minimum of 5 years if you’re streaming a copyrighted work that would cost more than $2,500 to license, even if you’re a non-commercial user. I’ll give you an example, just say you post a video of you singing a cover of Lady Gaga’s latest song on Facebook, you could get locked up.

So if you’re into watching internet movie or game reviewers, then you can help to stop this bill from passing by signing the petition on http://americancensorship.org/ and together we can stop this shitty bill from passing. Who knows? With Canada introducing their C-11 copyright infringement bill, Canada may not be far behind. As the immortal Dead Prez once said, “Together the ants will conquer the elephant.” This is Livin’ Large and you’ve been Largely Livin’